Fold It!

I've always wanted a Folding Rayban Wayfarer. Rayban as a brand is classic, foldable is convenient and takes little space in one's bag, wayfarer is vintage - music to my ears. But the cost of this baby doesn't sound that appealing to me. It retails for around 155 USD (6000+PHP)  - website price, which means that it costs more in stores, sometimes twice as much.

Yesterday, before going to the movies, my friend asked if we could go check some scarves. I wasn't really planning on buying anything as I am already below budget and pay day is still 5 days away - then I saw this

obviously, I bought it *_*

I thought, AXN (the cable channel) has a line of sunglasses? But it didn't really matter. The point is its folding, it's a wayfarer, way cheaper (700PHP!!!) than the original one and does not have a pretentious Rayban brand on it.

It came with a black case which is sturdy - but not me. I updated the ankle purse I made in leather crafternoon class and turned it into a sunglasses pouch

I didn't like the black button much, so I made another update

I can't wait to use it! But, not in a hurry really as I am still enjoying the bed weather brought about by the rain ^_^

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