Silver Lining: Ankle Purse

As per my "About me", I am an IT consultant by need. Coming from a Science Highschool, we were required to take a science and technology related course in college - thus, IT. Admittedly, my college phase was a struggle. I barely passed my IT subjects and I'm supposed to be an IT major. Anyhow, I graduated and I've been in the industry for 7 years now. 

In my attempt to find a silver lining and not hate my job that much, I try to distract myself with other things. Things that are closer to my heart - and I used the money that IT brings to my bank account for all these other things. I went to Fashion school and took up basic fashion design and styling. I go on dance classes every chance I get and lately, I've been going to DIY/craft workshops. These are usually half day workshops organized by local bloggers. For a certain fee you get to learn tricks on how to go about a specific DIY project. The workshop fee usually comes with basic materials and tools, and, FOOD! 

Recently, I went to Leather Crafternoon organized by Allessa Lanot of Life After Breakfast  . I've always been a fan of leather crafts but I find it really difficult to push through with a project as leather is a little tricky to work with - and I don't know which tools I should get. But thanks to the the workshop I was able to get the basic tools that I need for mini leather projects.

Before coming to the workshop, I tried to research for an inspiration - what will I make? I thought of making a phone pouch or a kindle case or a card holder, but I already have all these. Then I remember something I've always wanted but never got the chance to own as I don't think it was ever available in the local market: Ankle Purse!

In 2007, Karl Lagerfeld added this accessory for the Spring Collection. 

This was inspired by the alcohol monitoring device wore by Lindsay Lohan.

It's amazing how something everyone thought to be embarrassing can actually turn into a fashion statement. Chanel found a silver lining in that situation.

So, I made my version of the Chanel Ankle Purse:

Was quite happy on how it turned out. I haven't used it yet and I am still trying to come up with a perfect outfit to match it with. 

So, should you be in a not so happy situation in your life right now, always remember that there is always a silver lining. Sometimes, you need to look for it, but most of the time, it's just there waiting to be noticed. 

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