Lippy Pouch

I like changing bags every 2 weeks.  I have a lot and I think it's unfair if they're not equally used. Sometimes my bag of the week is so big that it can fit my entire house, sometimes it can only fit, a wallet, keys, phone and hand sanitizer. 

Whenever I change bags, some things need to be sacrificed. Like, I can't bring my Kindle anymore because it wouldn't fit. Or may entire make up kit - for the same reason. 

Recently, I've been fond of using lipstick - primarily because it adds color to my pale face (was not really a fan of make up until recently). I didn't know this was possible, but I can no longer leave the house without bringing my favorite lippy. If I use my huge bag, it will take forever for me to find it. If I use my small bag, it mixes with everything else that I can't spot it easily - it should have it's own case. 

So, i made a lippy pouch with another scrap leather, thread and gold eyelet

I added gold eyelets so that I can see the pouch easily should it mix with the rest of my stuff


Fits my 2 favorite lippies perfectly! 

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