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There is such a thing as planner tour - according to me

I've been bitten by the planner bug. I was this close to buying a filofax, but I just can't justify why. It's a bit expensive for my planner standards.

I tried to make my own but was a bit frustrated with my first attempt. Given that I have the lowest of EQs, I need to have the planner that will make me happy and will stop me from buying a filofax. Below is a product of weeks of planning the planner ^^

This what my planner used to look like


Got this is for 200 bucks from the stationary section of a local department store. I've been to almost all bookstores in Manila but none of them has a planner that fits my taste - this was the closest.

It was fine on its own but it was to serious. I started decorating it but still something was missing. I still wanted to get a filofax. Then I thought, maybe it needs to undergo a major transformation. 

Transformation begins:

This is what my planner looks like now ^^

It was love at first sight with this print! Got it really cheap too (check my post on divi hauls for all the other fabric I got). I sew the edges just to give it a clean look. I then glued the fabric to the planner because it's impossible to sew. Good thing the original planner cover is also fabric based. So happy with how the cover turned out! 

Now for what the inside looks like

I have post its and ribbon paper clips for page markers. Those are moumou stickers that I keep inside the clear mini envelope for sticker emergencies and yeah, for some reason, I need to always have a coaster with me. How cute is that mug coaster? I have like 12 of those! different designs ofcourse.The fluffy cloud I made here, looks so adorable. 

Here is a dashboard for more post its

The week section looks like this: 

I added a little charm, from my Divi haul again

I also made a make-shift organizer for my planner stuff

I am so inlove with my planner and because of the effort it took to beautify her, I wouldn't trade her for an expensive one, for now ^^

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