Felt Like Crafting

Nothing beats a peaceful, cost-less staycation. To celebrate this further, I decided to begin with my felt projects.

I bought a couple of fabric felt from a department store's stationary section. Usually, felt fabrics are bought in fabric and or craft stores, but these are usually sold in yards. I only needed a few felt and a variety of colors, so the ones sold in the department store were perfect.

Below are my first felt fabric projects

Card holder with heart pattern

The card holder can hold 4 standard sized cards on each side! 

Fluffy Cloud Page Marker

I saw this cute little fellow while looking for planner ideas (yes, I have personalized my planner, it's no Filofax as that is too expensive, but I like how it's turning out so far, will blog about it soon ^^)

It can be used as a planner marker, a book mark or as is, a paper clip 

Lastly, the most complicated project so far, Owl pen holder

The only reason why this is complicated is because of variety of patterns and colors I used. But overall, this was pretty easy to make too. I wanted to punch holes on one side and put it inside the planner, but I thought it will cause the planner to bulge and with it as as an independent pen holder, I can bring it even without the planner.

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