Divi Haul

It's been a while since I've been to Divisoria so going there over the weekend was a lot of fun!

First stop, fabric! I got these really cheap. 1 yard costs around 25 to 40php. Usually, a yard will cost 125 in malls, so I got a little crazy and bought 4. I was meaning to buy more, but it was so hot that I settled on buying 4 only:

I will purchase more when I get back. The fabric heaven is in Yllana Street parallel to Tabora (where all the craft stuff are)

I also got 2 colored garters which I plan to use on a DIY project perfect for summer ^^ These are 12php per yard - steal!!!

On my way back to 168 mall, I passed by a vendor selling throw pillow cases. These are really fluffy and light! I'm excited to decorate my future home with these! 50php for each pillow case. I know right?!?!?

Wired Headbands: 3 for 100

Craft Scissors: 3 for 100 (whut?)

Phone Accessories

and the super adorable fox coin purse

Planner supplies!!!

Stamp, paper tapes, colored gel pens

button paper clips

paper tapes in close up hihi

close up

oh yeah, stickers!

Apparently, Divi is also washi, sticky notes, stickers, and bookmarks heaven! I had to control myself from hoarding 

happy dance ^^

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