I fell inlove with Emma Stone after watching her in Easy A. She is perfect for the role. I don't think any other Hollywood actor can do that role justice. She is a good mix of dorky, sexy, witty and beauty

Can you think of any other actor who can portray Olive Penderghast better? No one else!

After watching her in Easy A, she has become one of my many girl crushes (along with Miranda Kerr, Angelina Jolie and Kiera Knightly) and I've been following her fashion style since.

I think Emma's fashion style is best described below:

And that's not bad at all! I like that it's laid back and realistic. Some actors and fashion icons wear the most ridiculous outfit - and we're talking about street style.

Emma officially became my doppelganger as well. Doppelganger is German for look-alike - I'm not claiming that I look like her, but I want to copy her style - actually, my style is very much like hers. Having a doppelganger is the easiest way to style your self. You need not to stress so much about what clothes will look good on you or what top matches well with which pants or skirt. You just need to get inspiration from the outfits that your doppelganger wears. Of course there are certain things you need to consider before picking a doppelganger: body type and overall fashion style (which you need to genuinely like). Having a doppelganger will make life a lot more easier - trust me.

I started to collect Emma Stone inspired outfits - and no, you don't have to have a Hollywood star's budget to be able to achieve their style.

Long sleeved tops - are from my favorite shopping haven - Ukay! Clothes from Ukay are already cheap, but I got these on sale and they costs 50php a piece!

Skinny Jeans - they are from another favorite shopping haven: Baclaran, Manila. I got these on whole-sale prices, which means 100php cheaper than retail price. To be able to avail of the whole sale price, you need to buy a minimum quantity of the same style. I got these pants for 180php each.

Plain Tops - these are from Baclaran also, 50php a piece.

So yeah, you can get Stone-d at 300php!!! Go pick a doppelganger and you'll be surprised at how dressing up will become less stressful.

But, there is one accessory that only Emma Stone has

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