I love going to bazaars. Not necessarily to shop (yeah right) but just to look at all the beautiful things that people sell. Most of the time these are not sold in malls so it's really a thrill to find cheap and quirky stuff in bazaars. 

Last weekend, we went to the Rockwell Urban bazaar - to look at - some stuff. Ok, so i went to get washi tapes because I've always wanted to use them in my craft projects. I still don't have a specific project in mind but I know it'll hit me one of these days. Also, the instagram account that I've been following will be in the bazaar: Paperblush Ph. They sell washi tapes and other stationary items. Everything in their store is cute - I had to stop looking or I might just buy everything. 

I got myself a washi tape - no, 4 washi tapes! I wanted to get more but I tried to suppress myself. It was difficult. 

I also got a simple motivational planner and cute little coasters. I'm planning to give the coasters as Christmas gifts but a part of me wants to keep them and turn them into a headboard or a conversational decor at home (cultured, right?).

And oh, we got "featured" in their instagram account! And no, I'm not gonna admit that the caption made me blush a bit  ^_^

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