Happy Nook

I call my home office,  "happy nook" - because there should be no office at home and work area doesn't sound fun.

This is where I spend most of my weekends: surfing the internet and craft projects. I recently updated this space with another table as I need a bigger table for crafting.

This is how it used to look like:


This is how it looks like now

I added colored patterned papers on that brown cabinet (which also serves as a shoe cabinet) so that it wouldn't look plain and boring. The bright pink computer chair also gives the space life and it makes me swing from blog area to craft area with ease.

There used to be only one desk where I put my computer. I realized that I need a bigger table where I can put my computer and do craft projects. Good thing I found this old dining table sitting at the corner of my house - tada! instant craft table!

The original work table is still there, but it is now exclusive for my computer - blogging purposes.

To create a unified look, i placed pink patterned paper on the edge of the table and the cabinet.

Now I have more space for more blogging and craft projects - with my craft buddy

sorry if he looks a bit creepy ^_^

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