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This is my nth blog since my interest in blogging started. I think I had 3 personal blogs before and forgetful as I am, I am not able to update those as I can't remember my username and password. Hopefully reddocmartens is going to be a different case. 

And no, this blog won't be about DMs only. I plan (plan being the operative word as I am still trying to commit myself to blogging) to write about the quirky and affordable stuff that I find - everywhere. Everywhere meaning, actual stores, hole in the wall stores, instagram stores, divisoria, baclaran, ukay, name it! Are you excited? Coz I ammmmmmmmm! Anyway, let's hope I get to "push" this. 

My first blog entry is a tribute to what inspired me to blog again (aside from 0 busyness level at work lately), tadan! My Cherry red Dr. Martens 8 eyelet 1460 boot:

I've been drooling over these boots since i can't remember when. I think they're classic, sturdy and can add a certain umph to any outfit. They cost a bit more than my usual budget for footwear, but good thing I found a store that sells them, ORIGINAL, for a way lower price. Introducing: Shoelution - this is DMs heaven! The store where I got mine from is the Greenhills branch. They only have broken sizes, so, if you plan on getting DMs, pray first that they have them in your size ^_^ *insert evil laugh*. 

To date, I wore them 2 times already and boy are they're comfortable! Perfect for the rainy weather too! 

Juan De Marco  – (October 14, 2013 at 6:44 AM)  

Hi there! I saw your nice cherry red Doc Martens from Shoelution. I'm just wondering about the authenticity because they are selling it at a very cheap price. Sorry I need to ask cause I'm itching to get a pair after so many years.

edell soliguen  – (January 27, 2014 at 10:53 PM)  

Hi! I just saw your comment! I'm so sorry @_@ I think the shoes are real :) before buying, I checked the ones in the Doc Marten's store and they seem real :) Also, I wore mine in Korea last December, for 5 straight days which resulted to several scratches on the flap. I thought I ruined the shoes forever - but just last week I wore them again and the scratches disappeared! It means these are real leather, as real leather is self healing :) Also, when you wear them, there's this bouncy feeling that I think is one of the trademark of this model :)

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