Seoul Stash

Sharing my stash from Seoul shopping ^^

Pens, Tiny Can and Post its from Artbox (Hongdae and Myeongdong)

Teal Backpack (Hongdae)

Personalized Orange Leather Bracelet (Hongdae Weekend Market)

Pink Flying Pig Pen Light (Hongdae Weekend Market)

Flower Printed Sneaks (Myeongdong)

I only got 1 shoelace for some reason, so i borrowed Jade's ^^

Height Enhacing ^^ sneaks with lace details (Dongdaemun underground market)

The nice ajjuma noticed that the shoelaces (i borrowed from Jade) were extra long, so she gave me free pink ones!!! so generous! 

Pullovers (Myeongdong, Hongdae, Insadong)

Rosary Purse (Insadong)

Hat (Dongdaemun)

Pink Cow Leather Notebook (Hongdae Weekend Market)

Skinfood Nail Stuff (Myeongdong)

Skinfood and Tony Moly Make Up (Myeongdong)

Missha hand cream (Myeongdong)

Cute socks (Dongdaemun)

Rabbit Plushie "Yeollie" (Myeongdong)

Longchamp Vanity Purse (Shilla Duty Free)

All of these are within budget!!! I didn't withdraw or use my credit card!!! I'm a happy girl ^^

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