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The new house (which i will blog about soon), has a huge balcony that is perfect for a sort of indoor/outdoor garden. It doesn't have soil where in I can just stick plants and they'll grow, so I needed plants in pots. Growing plants in pots is a bit scary as they need to be cared for carefully compared to plants that just randomly grow on actual soil - or so I thought.

Good thing we, Daene and I went to the succulent workshop organized by Femi! I've always wanted to have plants around the house but wasn't really sure what kind of plants and how to take care of them. We were taught that succulents are very low maintenance indoor plants. They can thrive on their own and needs minimal to 0 care. Some actually prefers to be ignored! My kind of plants! It was very informative and we got to take home our own gardening tools. Here are some snapshots from the workshop:

How cute is this succulent buffet

I went home with my succulent dish and started not taking care of it. As discussed in the workshop, it only needs to be watered once a week, so that's what I did.

After a few weeks I noticed new sprouts in my succulents and decided, "Hey, I can actually grow plants"! So I went plant shopping and I may be growing a succulent forest already! Here are my babies so far:

Those are actually shoe racks that I turned into pot holders 

My dish was starting to get a bit crowded so I went ahead and started propagation using leaf and stem cutting methods, which we also learned from the workshop:

My leaf cuttings are already growing roots! I can't wait for the new leaves to grow so that I can place them in cute pots

Since my garden is growing, I decided to do some DIY planters to accomodate the baby plants and beautify our outdoor space some more.

I had this teapot lying around the house, so I figured I'll just put a plant on it. It looks super cute with it's zebra cactus hair style, puffy cheeks and gold ribbon!

 Also, just recently, we watched Guardians of the Galaxy and I really love love that movie! So, I created a GOTG themed succulent set with my two favorite guardians Groot and Rocket (that box thing is supposed to be a jukebox and it somehow looks like a pig lol!)

That's all for now and hope you enjoyed this post! '',

femi cachola  – (February 9, 2015 at 5:59 PM)  

Hi Edell!!!! I really enjoyed reading your post. Omg your plants look so happy, that makes me super happy! You have a lovely pocket garden!

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