Coffee Sleeves: 30 minute DIY project

I've been meaning to make coffee sleeves for the longest time!I had a few trials before I was able to figure out how to really do it.

Colored buttons

Cut your fabric in rectangular shapes: 10.5 inches long and around 4 inches wide

Using a taylor's chalk, trace the pattern to mark where you will need to sew, Make sure that one side of the fabric is facing up and the other is facing down

Sew the fabric following the pattern you just created in step 2

Cut 2 inches of elastic, create a loop and sew it on one side between the 2 fabrics. Make sure that the loop is on the inside up to this point. Leave at least 1.5 inches open so that you can insert fiber later on to make the sleeve thicker. Cut the excess fabric but retain at least half an inch 

Reverse the fabric so that it will look like this

Sew a button on the other end

I used different prints on this one for a 2 in 1 effect (you need to put a button on each side too)

A sleeve took me around 30 minutes to complete! Fast, easy and cheap! Now you know what you're getting for Christmas ^^,

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